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Here you can find out everything about home cockpit construction and everything about flight simulation. If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, send me a message.

Home cockpit – fulfillment of a lifelong dream

The construction of a home cockpit was not yet certain, because since I bought the flight simulator 98 in a large electronics store as a child or teenager, it was clear to me that I – like the Wright brothers – wanted to take to the skies. At that time, the laps on and around Meigs Field in Chicago were flown with the help of the keyboard. The first joysticks were added later. The term home cockpit was also used here for the first time.

When I passed the ‚Abitur‘, I applied to a large German airline to be a pilot, but I almost failed the second stage of the aptitude test, so I almost got the training contract. Later I started studying computer science in Essen. During my studies, I dealt with the topic of home cockpits for the first time.

Various visits to the nearest airfield (here Essen-Mülheim, EDLE) and various sightseeing flights in a Cessna and Mooney Bravo encouraged me to plan and build a home cockpit. Unfortunately, I was missing an essential part of building the home cockpit, the money. For this reason, the only thing that has been done there so far has been the pure planning of the project. Since my lifelong dream – to fly like a bird through the air as a pilot – became impossible due to an illness and the resulting severe disability, I didn’t give up and looked for a way to realize my dream in the remotest possible way.

An idea from my wife gave me the idea of ​​building my own home cockpit on a Boeing 737 in my own basement. If you can’t fly yourself in the real world, why not build your own home cockpit in the basement? This question came from my wife, who gives me a lot of encouragement and support in all matters relating to the home cockpit. This blog contains everything related to the topic „do it yoursef“ building a home cockpit with a wide variety of topics such as instructions, reviews, etc. When building a home cockpit, there are sometimes bad buys or things will always be left over, so I even started a classifieds market have. Have a good read.

Your Marco Bossmann

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